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The replacement of a corroded concrete chamber is certainly the most durable and best technical solution. Following the ROMOLD motto: BURY and FORGET.

In inner-city areas or at critical points or at high groundwater levels, refurbishment in open construction is often not possible. Therefore in these cases the renovation is the lowest common compromise. ROMOLD has also here a perfect solution: The renovation is done via the installation of a new ROMOLD chamber with reduced diameter within the old manhole.

Advantage: The customer gets a new chamber from industrial production with the usual ROMOLD quality. Clou: the existing concrete structure remains as permanent formwork in the ground. This saves your time and money.

  • easy installation
  • no "big" technics on site
  • new intrinsically sustainable chamber system
  • short period of dewatering
  • integrated steps
  • decoupled load cover
  • longer lifetime
  • new PE-chamber 100% corrosion resistant
  • only 1 day of construction, therefore less traffic obstruction
  • own, independent chamber system
  • no follow-up renovation