The modular chamber system with the largest range of products worldwide definitely offers a solution for individual requirements as well. Special designs based on customer preference are also possible at all times.


  • Favorable in purchase and maintenance
  • The modular system makes storage and transport easy and cheap
  • The installation is quick and inexpensive
  • The modular system allows a flexible height
  • All construction heights can be produced steplessly and with centimeter accuracy
  • Can be shortened at the upper part, by ribs, which allow a horizontal cut
Class A - Class D EN 124
eccentric DN624 climbing steps acc. to EN 13101 and/or EN 14396
Triple Safety Seal DN 681-1, EN ISO 13259, EN 1610
in different heights climbing steps acc. to EN 13598-2 and/or EN 14396
Triple Safety Seal DN 681-1, EN ISO 13259, EN 1610
industrially produced bases in different configurations EN 13598-2 und DIN EN 476
EN 681-1, EN ISO 13259, EN 1610
2 materials (PP/PE) – 2 production methods ROMOLD is the only producer of plastic chambers that uses not only two raw materials (PP and PE), but also works with two manufacturing processes.

How do our customers benefit?
This allows ROMOLD to guarantee that it can offer the optimal and most cost-efficient chamber for each project.
Only industry-quality production ensures consistent quality.
  • PP chambers for plugged pipe systems
  • PE chambers for welded pipe systems
The right manufacturing process enables competitive pricing.
  • Injection moulding for large-scale production
  • Rotational moulding for individual customer products
ROMOLD is the only producer of plastic chambers that process not only two raw materials (PP and PE), but also uses two manufacturing processes. Why does this benefit to our customers?

This allows ROMOLD to guarantee that it can offer the optimal and most cost-efficient chamber for each project. Only industry-quality production ensures consistent quality. The right manufacturing process enables competitive pricing.
Typically, plastic manholes are used where longevity, easy handling, absolute tightness and corrosion resistance are required. Thanks to their long service life, ROMOLD manholes ensure extended depreciation periods. The proven low maintenance costs are also a relevant argument for operators. We are happy to make contact with ROMOLD customers in your area. Talk to us about your construction project - we are happy to advise you!
The most cost-effective and intelligent type of chamber maintenance is prevention, i.e. avoiding damage. According to a study by the German Institute for Underground Infrastructure (IKT) based on regional examinations, approximately 50 % of all concrete chambers already start leaking after installation. In 2004, the repair cost for Germany was estimated to be 55 billion Euro. 30–50 % of the German sewer network‘s approx. 10 million chambers require repair work (Source: DWA survey 2004).
The consequences are far-reaching: Interruptions to infrastructure caused by additional construction work, penetrating groundwater places a burden on the sewage systems. Leaking sewage pollutes the groundwater and subsiding chambers covers pose hazards that require costly repairs. However there is an intelligent solution for all these problems: Chambers made of plastic by ROMOLD.
With its lifespan of at least 100 years, the plastic chamber is far superior to traditional systems. ROMOLD products are simply indestructible, so you do not have to worry about any damage caused by transport and root ingrowth.
On average, plastic components only weigh around 5% of their concrete counterparts. This simplifies the whole process, i.e. the handling, transportation and installation, as no heavy lifting gear is required – an enormous benefit when working in tight spaces or on difficult terrain.
ROMOLD products are absolutely watertight. All components are inspected with respect to internal and external pressure (0.5 bar). Therefore damage caused by leaks can be ruled out.
ROMOLD products react flexibly to any earth movements or subsidence. Therefore cracks are ruled out.
ROMOLD chambers are particularly resistant to aggressive chemicals. Therefore corrosion caused by hydrogen sulphide (H2S) can be ruled out in ROMOLD products. This allows sensible, durable alternative solutions. These properties are now exploited in the cladding of concrete chambers. In the case of full-wall chambers by ROMOLD, these properties are standard.
ROMOLD products are compatible with all common pipe systems and the speed with which they can be installed is unbeatable: place the chamber, connect the pipes, put the lid on, that´s it!
Prefabricated ROMOLD chambers are the superior alternative to traditional chambers, both from a quality and economic point of view – with clear advantages from an overall perspective. Durability, sturdiness, no additional investment during maintenance and the reduction of time, machine and personnel costs during transportation and installation make ROMOLD products the more economic and longer-lasting solution. And everyone benefits from this because the citizens face lower charges whilst profiting from the new investments that are possible thanks to the savings made.
The quality inspection of the installation work (covering and compaction) is performed with lit- tle effort, about 42 Days after installation. If the components show no signs of deformation or max- imum 50% of the 50-year value, it is justified to assume that the lifespan of the construction will be reached safely without impairment. In the mean- time the principle has been recorded as criteria in the EN standard EN 13598-2.
ROMOLD, in its capacity as an expert manufacturer of chambers, not only supplies type DN 1000 approved manholes, and also DN 800 for occasional access (in accordance with EN 476). Furthermore DN 400, DN 500, DN 625 and smaller inspection chambers are also available. This affords you access to alternative solutions when planning the sewage network. Save costs by using different chamber diameters in your sewage network.
First-rate ROMOLD quality
Only virgin material ensures lasting quality, welding capability and thereby absolute tightness. Only our 100 % knowledge of the material alows definite statements on the durability of our products and welds.
Over 160 different, industrially produced chamber bases (from DN/OD 160 to DN/OD 630) are available within a very brief time. Connections are possible from 90° to 270° and are suitable for nearly all materials. Additional, custom connections are also no problem.
ROMOLD chambers all have integrated uplift prevention thanks to their external ribs. These ribs mesh with the backfilling material. No additional constructional measures are necessary. The chamber base is sufficiently secure against deformation, therefore lining with concrete is unnecessary. Please note assembly and installation instructions. Backfilling of the chamber construction must be done using materials of type ATV-DVWK-A 127 (group 1 and group 2 of table 1) or in accordance with DIN 1055 part 2 (non-cohesive soils - see table 1). Backfilling and compacting of the chamber construction must be carried out in accordance with EN 1610 and DWA-A 139. According to static calculations, a ROMOLD chamber of DN 1000 (height 5.0 m, groundwater up to top ground surface) has a safety factor of 2.3 against uplift by groundwater.
ROMOLD chambers can be deployed from class A 15 / group 1, to class E 600 / group 5, in accordance with EN 124. Tested in accordance with EN 14802 and deployed in Europe‘s streets for over 20 years.
EN 681-1 and EN 1277: watertight to 0.5 bar. ROMOLD element seals (Triple-Safety-Seal) meets the material requirements specified for EN 681-1 (EPDM material) and is available for all chamber diameters. ROMOLD element seals are 3-sided lip seals, which can easily be installed (manually without force). Increasing internal or external pressure increases the effectiveness of the seal. The labyrinth lip seal on both sides provides twice the safety of single-sided seal systems
EN 476: Minimum access opening DN 600 required for accessible chamber systems. ROMOLD chambers have a DN 625 access opening.
As opposed to the traditional construction, the height of ROMOLD plastic chambers is adjusted by shortening the upper component. On the outside, at intervals of 1 cm marking rings / small ribs permit precise level cuts. Chambers / cones can be shortened using a saw suitable for woodwork, e.g. a handsaw or jigsaw. DN 1000 and DN 800 chambers can be shortened by up to 250 mm, DN 625 and DN 500 chambers by up to 300 mm. All chambers are available in overall heights that differ by the shortening amount. This allows all overall heights to be created precisely and to the nearest centimetre.
EN 13101 and/or EN 14396: Corrosion-free climbing steps are factory fitted for ROMOLD DN 800 and DN 1000 accessible chambers. The strength fulfills standard requirements. The climbing steps are 250 mm apart. ATV-DVWK-A 157: The bottom climbing step is from ≥ 250 mm to ≤ 500 mm from the berm. Safety is increased by a textured surface. If necessary, the climbing steps can be removed.
ROMOLD chambers can be fitted with access aids. Access aids can also be retro-fitted to installed chambers.
Overall heights of DN 1000 rings are 25, 50, 75 and 100 cm. Overall heights for DN 800 are 50 cm and 100 cm, for DN 625 and DN 500 they are 10–40 cm, 30–60 cm, 60–90 cm.
DIN V 4034-1 / ATV-DVWK-A 157: Angle of step surface ≤ 1:20. The berm is anti-slip.
DIN V 4034-1 and/or ATV-DVWK-A 157: Channel height 1/1 D (for channels up to ND 400)
The gradient is at least 0.5%.
DN 800 and DN 1000 chambers for socket-ended pipe systems: Standard socket for connection of PVC pipes in accordance with EN 1401 and PP in accordance with EN 1852, can be vertically and horizontally angled by +/- .3.75°.

DN 800 and DN 1000 chambers for welded pipe systems: Standard spigot for connection via an electro-fusion sockets for PE pipes in accordance with EN 12666 / DIN 8074/75.

DN 500 and DN 625 chambers: Standard socket for connection of PVC pipes in accordance with EN 1401 and PP in accordance with EN 1852,via ROMOLD inlet pipe seal in accordance with EN 681-1 and DIN 4060, can be vertically and horizontally angled.

Connection for all other materials via standard commercially available adapters.
Version PP: Standard version as socket for flexible connection of PVC pipes according to EN 1401 and PP pipes according to EN 1852, bendable vertically and horizontally +/- 3.75 °.

Version PE DN 500, DN 625, DN 800 and DN 1000: Standard as spigot for connection by means of electric socket for PE pipes according to EN 12666 or DIN 8074/75 or for connection via an electro-fusion socket for PE pipes in accordance with EN 12666 / DIN 8074/75.


For 27 years ROMOLD has been focusing exclusively on chambers. In addition to such innovations as the exterior ribs, climbing step systems, load-decoupled cover variants, the Triple-Safety-Seal technology, energy compensation chambers, etc., which have originated during this period, there have also been innovations in project cost optimization. This is best demonstrated by comparisons between conventional methods of laying and those optimised with ROMOLD technology.

ROMOLD work sites are distinguished by the fact that the chamber size is tailored to meet requirements (see drawing above). It does not always have to be a DN 1000 manhole. Therefore ROMOLD recommends DN 625 chambers as inspection openings and DN 800 manholes (in accordance with DIN EN 476) for sites where there is a directional change (H < 3m). At junctions of main sewer lines we recommend manholes with a diameter of DN 1000. Modern planning reduces construction costs. Our planning department is available to provide you with any support you may need.
with the same functional capacity and maintenance possibilities as traditional sewage networks

black: 2 x DN 1000
blue: 7 x DN 800 (accessible)
red: 7 x DN 625


  • minimal component weight
  • high flexibility
  • reduction in material costs
  • DIN EN 476 compliant - 100% tight
  • less excavation
  • less filling
  • shorter construction time
16 x DN 1000


  • heavy equipment required
  • higher excavation costs
  • risk of corrosion
  • greater risk of leakage
Typically our plastic chambers are used in situations where factors such as durability over time, ease of handling, absolute sealing performance, and corrosion resistance are critical, e.g., in nature conservation zones, in difficult-to-access areas, and in complex multi-client facilities. With their durability, plastic chambers open up entirely new possibilities for write-offs, and the long-term cost savings are also a relevant factor. Give us a call to discuss your next building project – we'll be more than happy to walk you through your options!
ROMOLD and the highways – a close partnership. ROMOLD chambers of all diameters have proven their value many times over in highway construction projects.
For use near fueling stations – both airplane fueling stations and your local filling station – there's considerable demand for chamber structures with failsafe sealing in this market segment.
For years ROMOLD has been supplying customers in the industry – e.g., AkzoNobel.
The ROMOLD system chamber allows customized pipes with reduced flow rates to suit the topography. The quantity and height of the chambers is less than it is with other systems and keeps construction costs and pipe maintenance manageable.
When absolute sealing and corrosion resistance are required, ROMOLD offers the reliable solution for the environment.