• quick installation
  • for all chambers
  • for retrofitting
  • begins to work immediately
  • no subsequent moistening
  • unaffected by water
  • for all covers
  • made in germany
ROMOLD Activ-Filter for chambers

  • for all covers
  • for all chambers (concrete/plastic)
  • for upgrading

ROMOLD Active sewer chamber filters are delivered pre-assembled. They are positioned beneath the sewer manhole cover. Their Activated carbon acts as a catalyst there, reducing H2S and unpleasant odours. If both H2S and NH3 occur, NH3 can also be eliminated. The delivery includes a suitable PE leaf trap, which replaces the customary leaf trap insert.

ROMOLD Active filters with patented, modified Activated carbon solve the problem with the catalytic conversion of H2S. The Activated carbon‘s typical adsorption of unpleasant odours Die remains unaffected..

The secret is in the patented manufacture process (modification) of the ROMOLD Activatedcarbon. Modified Active carbon is immediately and instantly an effective catalyst, without affecting the adsorptive properties with surface coating. ROMOLD Active sewer manhole filters do not need to be dampened!