ROMOLD is the European market leader for constructing sewage and cable chambers made of plastic. Plastic chambers are applied in the sewage water system, in the areas of water discharge, water supply, road drainage, sewer rehabilitation, pressure drainage as well as electro- and telecommunication.

The chambers in the underground remain unnoticed for most of the people, yet as ROMOLD GmbH launched the first industrially produced plastic chambers onto the market in 1992, it was no less than a minor revolution - as the former technology was literally cemented into people's minds. However the benefits in practice are so great that this innovative product soon took off making ROMOLD the European market leader for plastic chambers today.
ROMOLD only concentrates on chambers and is the only supplier that has specialised exclusively in the plastic chamber segment. This has enabled us to develop a level of in-depth expertise that is second to none. Our products and services are innovative down to the last detail.

Many innovations, which are today state of the the art, have been developed by the engineers and employees of ROMOLD. The company manufactures to the highest quality standards; these are ensured by continuous internal and external inspection. As a matter of course the company is also certified according to EN ISO 9001 providing you the security always getting the best.
Due to a long-term experience ROMOLD now presents to its clients a unique assortment of plastic chambers for each technical appliance. With the worldwide largest range of products and due to the possibility of even smallest custom production ROMOLD can meet all customer needs. The owner-led company has sold more than a million chamber elements, offers a portfolio of more than 1000 standard products and is on an enduring course for success. When it comes to chambers: ROMOLD!

Germany facilities: Surheim and Teisendorf
CEO: Friedrich Ebner, Helmut Sonnleitner
Founded: 1992
... rules out any compromise
ROMOLD is all about manholes. ROMOLD is the only supplier specializing exclusively in the plastic chamber segment. This gives us an expert knowledge that is otherwise not to be found at this depth.

With the world’s largest product range and the capability of producing even very small series of customised products, we are able to react to your wishes very flexibly. We have a portfolio of over 1,000 products that are available at short notice and which cover 99 % of all applications. Additional modifications can be made to adapt these standards to local circumstances, e.g. by means of welding in additional channels.

ROMOLD manufactures to the highest quality standards; these are ensured by continual internal and external monitoring. And of course the company is also certified according to EN ISO 9001 providing you with the security that you always get the best, however flexible our systems are.

We manage each and every project with commitment and dynamism from the consulting stage right through to installation. We can conduct seminars for planning offices or public authorities on site and/or in the headquarters.
ROMOLD has been a pioneer in the field of industrial produced manholes for over 27 years. Many of today's state-of-the-art innovations have been developed by ROMOLD technicians and employees.
first industrial DN 1000 manholes in Europe
indirect load transfer of traffic loads in road construction
first energy compensating chambers with self-cleaning round bottom
launch of the DN 800 chamber system according to EN 476 in Europe
first watertight cable chamber system
road gullies made of plastics
corrosion-free pressure pipe end chambers based on the round bottom system
completely equipped control chambers made of plastics
rain and wastewater combined in just one chamber
patented active-carbon-filter for elimination of odors form sewage system
divisible square-formed plastic cable chamber (ROM-Box)
road gullies with mud sump also for longitudinal drainage
chamber system DN 1000 according to EN 13598-2
road gullies with strench trap
ROMOLD domestic pump station for class D 400 Plastic adjustment rings for chambers
ROMOLD broadband cable chamber
ROMOLD Schwallbeschicker
ROMOLD longitudinal drainage for motorways
ROMOLD chamber filter of the 2th generation
Cover in cover system absolutely waterproof solution for valve shafts
ROMOLD odor stop Retrofit kit for road drains with wet sludge trap type GRT
When it comes to shafts: ROMOLD.
This motto represents the guiding principle of ROMOLD.
As the European pioneer for industrial manufactured plastic chambers (over 1.5 mil. chamber parts sold), ROMOLD product development is informed by over 27 years of expertise.

With the reconfiguration of the product line in 2010, ROMOLD offers its customers a selection of plastic chambers for any application that is unique in its class world-wide.

In combination with the famous ROMOLD quality and the customer service with a medium-sized company, ROMOLD offers advantages as only a pioneer in plastic chambers can.

  • more than 1.5 Million chamber elements sold
  • more than 27 years fo experience in developing chambers
  • chemical resistence, also suitable for industrial sewage water
  • approved uplift retention
  • hidraulically optimised channel due to seamlessly extruded angles
  • no segmentation
  • short delivery periods due to constant stock of all catalogue products
... I am the ROMOLD sewer rat, the mascot of the company.

I attend from the very beginning the clients and the staff of ROMOLD and bring a smile to people´s faces. Now I will also accompany you on our website...

You can be absolutely sure: Everywehre you see me, the quality of ROMOLD is also present ...! !